Better than advertised - Part 6

Larry Williams & Paul Strelow, Staff
Tiger Illustrated

Which backup safety should probably be getting more pub heading into the summer?

-- This one gets challenging because in the conventional sense, you could argue that rarely is more attention merited for a Clemson reserve safety. In the conventional sense, the Tigers rarely turn to one.

The less help you have behind you, the more Clemson's coaches seem to value their trust in you – or are less inclined to give playing time to players they trust less.

Van Smith and Jadar Johnson logged the lion’s share of safety snaps last year – 929 and 913, respectively. Tanner Muse came in next at 106.

That’s been the standard through defensive coordinator Brent Venables’ two predecessors as well.

The only time we can think of in which a third safety consistently earned snaps was two years ago when the Tigers would frequently plug Johnson into nickel or dime personnel packages because Venables used Jayron Kearse as his wild card all over the field.

There seems to be some confidence Denzel Johnson is fine as the second-stringer behind Van Smith.

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