Betches co-founders open up about pushback, growing pains and success of their brand

Jordana Abraham and Sami Sage are two of the co-founders of Betches Media. Gibson Johns interviews the duo about the origins of their brand and its incredible growth over the past decade, including pushback they received over the years, miconceptons about Betches, that awkward "Today" show interview from 2013 and their evolving roles at the company. They also discuss all things pop culture, including "Red (Taylor's Version)," "And Just Like That...," the "Gossip Girl" reboot and all things Bravo, "The Real Housewives" and "Summer House."

Video Transcript

GIBSON JOHNS: There was, and still to an extent this day, I think maybe not as much, but there is a sense of men can be funny in a really inappropriate kind of messed up way that might cross the line. And it's like, that's just men being funny. And if women do it, it's, I think-- and a lot of the times, it's other women who are most offended by it. And I think you saw that with the Kathie Lee thing in that sense too.

But I do think there's a sense of, like, it's OK for men to go a little bit further out there. I mean, obviously, you see someone like Dave Chappelle, who does get criticism too, but I just feel like if a woman went up there and did that set, she would be over.