The Best Women’s Frontside Skis of 2024

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Looking to slice up groomers, zip through bumps, and just generally get edgy with it? These frontside skis have the no-nonsense sidecut, construction, and turn radius you're looking for.

Frontside skis are ideal for those who hang out on groomers more often than not, but want a ski that's slightly more versatile than a traditional carving ski. Thanks to additional rocker profile, wider waists (usually between 80mm-90mm), and slightly lighter constructions, frontside skis let you venture into the moguls and trees next to the groomers, without sacrificing performance on hard snow.

The best frontside skis hold an edge on hardpack and know a thing or two about carving, but they'll also be there for you when you don't make it out on the hill for first tracks on the 'roy. The 14 women's frontside skis listed below made the cut because they impressed the SKI Test crew with their willingness to straddle the slope markers and not only tackle perfect corduroy, but more variable terrain and snow conditions. In short: these skis were named the best women's frontside skis of 2024 because they make cruising the frontside of the resort the most fun and exciting.

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