The Best Women’s Backcountry Skis of 2024

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Maybe you're looking for a lightweight touring ski that will get you up and down before you clock in for work. Or maybe you're looking for a ski that will first and foremost shred backcountry pow but is light enough to get you up, up, and away. Whatever backcountry mission you have in mind, we have just the touring tools you're looking for, right here.

These women's-specific backcountry skis run the gamut, from narrow-waisted featherweights designed primarily for fast and light cardio missions to all-mountain skis that have undergone a little nip-tuck to make them light enough to get you far beyond the resort ropes. Can't decide what's most important to you--weight savings (narrower waist, lightweight construction) or performance (fatter waist, beefier materials)? Make like Goldilocks and choose something in the middle.

Looking for the best unisex backcountry skis of the year? You’ll find those here.

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