These Are The Best TikToks From "The Ultimatum" Cast

It's safe to say that reality TV stars, especially these days, have a certain presence.


So it's no surprise that the cast of The Ultimatum have been crushing it on TikTok.

Rae is kind of the queen of TikTok in terms of the group.

Here are some of our fav TikToks from cast members: reliving show drama, feeding into rumors, giving us BTS looks at filming, and just having fun!

1. This one from Rae, featuring Jake, Shanique, and Randall, screaming about how stainless steel wine glasses give them PTSD.


NOOOO 😭 ptsd 😂 tell me why we came to host a brunch and they brought these out @shanique @itsjakecunningham @Randall Griffin

♬ original sound - Nautica Saunders

Yeah, the drinking on the show was a problem. But at least there weren't crazy continuity errors!

2. Also, this one from Rae showing that not only can she handle the rude comments she's been seeing online, she can joke about them, too.


you don’t have to date me so don’t worry about it 😭😂 pressed for what? #toxic #raeultimatum

♬ original sound - Arti$tTheMermaid

If someone isn't here, it's cause they haven't made any TikToks yet, or at least none good enough to share (sorry, Jake).

Which was your favorite? Who do you hope makes more TikToks in the future, and who do you hope will stop? Let us know in the comments!