The Best New Ski Bindings of 2024

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Bindings aren't the most exciting piece of ski gear, but they're one of your most essential. With all the changes to ski boot technology in recent years--like the invention and proliferation of GripWalk soles and tech toe inserts--it's never been more important to consider the bindings you're clicking into. Not all ski bindings are created equal. These days you can choose from dedicated downhill bindings, hybrid bindings that let you tour uphill but are also burly enough for resort use, as well as dedicated and minimalist alpine touring (AT) bindings.

With great choice comes great responsibility, since not all ski bindings and ski boots are compatible. So do yourself a favor and spend as much time considering your ski bindings as you do the sexier pieces of gear (like those shiny new skis). Determine what type of binding you're in the market for--alpine or alpine touring--and what will work with the ski boots you're eyeing or you already own. Refer to the ISO norms listed with each binding to determine what type of ski boot sole each is compatible with. The International Standards Organization (ISO) defines three types of ski boot sole standards : ISO 5355 (Alpine), ISO 9523 (Touring), and ISO 23223 (GripWalk).

With this in mind, peruse the following list of the most exciting new ski bindings to hit the shop shelves in 2024.

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Alpine Bindings

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