The 8 best resistance bands for a complete total body workout

The 8 best resistance bands for a complete total body workout

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Not only affordable, resistance bands provide a well-rounded workout with just a few simple products. Varying in levels of toning, you can select what aligns best with whatever suits your goals. Interested in something targeting the upper body? Whatafit is a great choice. Quads a problem area as of late? Peach Bands has a solution. There are hundreds of corresponding routines for each product, and some even have with their own guided videos or manuals.

We listed seven of the best bands available the market today. As home workouts gain popularity, the chances of these selling out are likely. Grab a set today and get ready to grind.

These bands boast five different weights based on the difficulty of exercise. Perform the routine anywhere at home thanks to the included door anchor that affixes to standard frames.

These bands arrive in two sizes: long and short. The former allow for big, fluid range of motion and a wide variety of lower body, upper body and core strength. The latter adds an extra bit of resistance to the lower body. Talk about a well-rounded workout.

Specifically for the bum, the Peach Bands sculpt, lift and tone your lower back side and are the perfect addition to any barre, yoga or pilates workout.

Unlike most bands, the Nike Loop is manufactured with knit material, so it feels more soft and comfortable than traditional latex options.

Want a more stable grip? Consider this product from P.volve. It promises to strengthen the entire upper body while using a hands-free approach to resistance work. Sculpt and elongate arms with each rep.

More than 24,100 people reviewed this brand on Amazon and a satisfied customer said they’re better than the ones he received from a physical therapist.

“Compared to the freebies I got from the physical therapist, the Fit Simplify bands are made of much thicker rubber, which seems to be of more consistent quality. When stretched, they stay consistently thick along every inch of the ring. The physical therapist bands had sections which seemed to stretch thinner than the rest. You could see it because those thinner areas became almost translucent when stretched while other sections were thicker, blocking more of the light.”

With latex at widths of 1.5mm, 1.7mm and 2.0mm, these are some of the thickest mini bands you can buy.

Black-owned brand POWERHANDZ is a global training and rehabilitation company that designs performance-enhancing products, including weighted gloves and resistance bands, all integrated with innovative technology essential to any workout. This particular set includes sliding disks, intended to lengthen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in your body through engaging their full range of motion.