BEST RANGER: Team 40 wins the 40th Annual Best Ranger Competition

FORT MOORE, Ga. (WRBL) — It was almost predestined. By the end of the 40th Best Ranger Competition, it was Team 40 which came out on top.

The Best Ranger Competition is the culminating event of the U.S. Army’s Infantry Week events, hosted at Fort Moore. The winners, 1st Lt. Andrew Winski and Sgt. Matthew Dunphy bested 55 other teams to secure the win.

As part of the win, Winski and Dunphy’s names were engraved into the Best Ranger Competition trophy, which will be displayed at the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade headquarters. It was an honor Winski and Dunphy said they didn’t deserve.

“I don’t belong up there. They’re legends up there – Medal of Honor Recipients,” Dunphy said.

He continued, “It’s an honor to be up there … my name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same categories as those people.”

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Winski and Dunphy were also awarded Meritorious Service Medals for their win, as well as commemorative pistols.

The Best Ranger Competition is a roughly 60-hour competition spread across three days, where competitors cover about 90 miles over the course of the event. The design is meant to test the mental and physical mettle of some of the most elite Army soldiers.

However, while Winski and Dunphy acknowledged what an honor it was to earn the title of “Best Ranger” for their win, officially announced April 15, they said the title rightfully belongs to Rangers who did not take part in this year’s competition.

“Although we were the title of Best Rangers, the Best Rangers are out there representing the country on the frontier of freedom and they’re doing their job with no praise whatsoever,” Winski said, adding, “They’re the real Best Rangers.”

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For both members of Team 40, it was a first attempt at the Best Ranger Competition, leaving the door open for two more attempts at a Best Ranger win each. Winski and Dunphy said whether they return will depend on if their work schedules allow it.

The winners said for now they are grateful for the win and looking forward to getting back to their usual duties as Rangers.

While the Best Ranger Competition concluded Infantry Week at Fort Moore, competitions pick up again April 29 with Armor Week and the Sullivan Cup.

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