Is the best quarterback in the draft whoever Minnesota lands?

A handful of teams need a fresh start at quarterback, but only so many will get it. The Chicago Bears are in the driver’s seat due to selecting first overall, then the Commanders and Patriots follow. The question remains, though: Who is the best quarterback in the draft?

According to a report from Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, one general manager told him it would be whoever the Vikings draft.

On a recent Yahoo Sports podcast, Robinson said he spoke to one general manager who believes the Vikings will shape the best quarterback of the 2024 class. Robinson states, “You’re going in with an offensive-minded head coach who’s been effectively an offensive coordinator…you saw what he was able to do with Kirk Cousins…in that scheme, had gotten Cousins to the point where he was arguably playing the best football of his life.”

O’Connell has shown that he can get the most out of his quarterbacks in a similar way to Kyle Shanahan does. Whether it be Kirk Cousins being on a career-year pace or Nick Mullens passing for 411 yards against the Lions, he maximizes their potential.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire