Who are the best power forwards in the Eastern Conference?

Every summer, debates begin to rage as we approach the dead point in the NBA offseason. From discussing the greatest point guards of all time to the fabled LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan tropes. However, for Boston Celtics fans, the debates are much simpler: who are the best players in the Eastern Conference, and what position do they play?

The point of those discussions is clear: figure out which teams have a chance of causing the Boston problems in the upcoming seasons and try to find ways to counter them. As such, the ‘Green With Envy’ podcast hosts have been working their way through their positional rankings in the Eastern Conference. In their latest episode, the hosts debate which power forwards dominate the East.

It’s quite clear who the top two forwards in the conference are, but can you guess the other three who make the list?


You can watch the full episode from ‘Green With Envy’ by clicking the embedded link above.

You can watch the full episode in the embedded clip above.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire