The very best of Leslie Jones: 2018 PyeongChang Edition

SNL’s Leslie Jones has become must-follow material on Twitter during the Olympics. She paints a unique picture of the Olympic events that there simply is no substitute for. Below we’ve thrown together the best-of moments via Leslie’s twitter account.

SNL’s Leslie Jones enjoys a good figure skating session, especially Canada’s Virtue and Moir (Getty Images)
SNL’s Leslie Jones enjoys a good figure skating session, especially Canada’s Virtue and Moir (Getty Images)

A warning: Adult language and sometimes inappropriate content is in abundance throughout these tweets. Proceed with caution.

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On the topic of skiing, Leslie is confident she will never be an avid participant:

She’s a big fan of Shaun White, who can blame her:

Skeleton is a scary endeavor:

She’s got strong love for Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski:

Here’s the three of them channelling Beyonce, I’d watch an ice-dance competition reality show with these three:

She had strong opinions about various outfits:

She really had strong feelings about this guy:

In general she really enjoyed figure skating, especially Virtue and Moir:

The stuffed animal love that poured out to the skating rink intrigued her:

She definitely had some questions and concerns regarding a few figure skating moments:

The kiss and cry is a magical land, and always an interesting topic:

She fell in love with bobsledding, or maybe just bobsledders:

She might have found a new husband:

And had opinions on the Russian doping situation:

When she attended the speed skate relay, her excitement peaked:

She invented a new term, “penalty box concierge”:

Became a big fan of Hilary Knight:

And learned a lot about hockey while attending her first game:

She made a new bestie:

And she even closed out the Games for us:

And on that note, we’re done. God bless Leslie Jones, can’t wait to see what she has in store for the 2020 Olympics!

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