The best large tote bags to effortlessly carry your essentials

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Woman is holding tote bag canvas fabric for mockup blank template.
Woman is holding tote bag canvas fabric for mockup blank template.

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Large tote bags are essential because they’re versatile, easy to use and functional. Whether you’re headed out to run errands on a warm weekend day or you need an extra place to stash a second pair of shoes when you’re going to the office, a large tote bag is perfect for carrying items that can’t fit into your purse or handbag.

When ‌buying a large tote bag, ‌consider factors such as the material of the bag, its resistance to water and the bag’s durability. This guide can help you select the best large tote bag for your needs.

Top Picks

Best overall: TICONN Six-Pack Extra-Large Moving Bags

These TICONN moving bags can help you securely transport your home essentials.

These bags can carry a wide variety of items, including pillows, towels, blankets, shoes, toys and laundry. Are you traveling? Put all your stuff in these bags and easily carry it around. They have heavy-duty carrying handles, so no matter how much stuff you put in the bag, the handles won’t detach.

These tote bags have detailed side handles and zippers, making them easy to open and use. The material used in their manufacturing is water-resistant, so your belongings will stay safe even if you run into rain. You can open the top side, easily place items inside and get a full view of your items. The amount of storage plus the number of bags you get for such a great price makes these tote bags the best overall on our list.


  • They are available in an extra-large size

  • They include a tag pocket to add tags and labels

  • Secure zip closures

  • Convenient carrying handles


  • You have to be careful in handling the zippers of the bag

Best value: DALIX Heavy-Duty Deluxe Tote Bag

With a large core compartment and an inner zipper pocket, this tote bag is a great value.

Double stitching along the sides and bottom of the bag reinforces its strength and durability. Plus, it ensures the bag can carry heavy weight without becoming damaged or torn. The deluxe size of the bag is also ideal for storing maximum items when you are going on a trip or picnic, moving items from one place to another or simply for everyday use.

This tote is made of cotton canvas, which is a lightweight material and easy to maintain. The bag features outer and inner pockets in which you can secure your belongings, like a wallet, phone, notepad or your keys. You can unzip the top of the bag to get a full view of what’s inside, so you can arrange it as you wish.


  • Available in multiple colors for every style

  • Many uses

  • Lightweight bag is highly durable

  • Carry your valuables in secure inner pockets


  • It is not machine washable

Exceptional quality: BALEINE Extra-Large Utility Tote

This oversized tote bag offers ample storage space, making it suitable for carrying groceries and other essentials.

It’s made of 900D Oxford fabric and has a soft design, which is also aesthetically pleasing. The material is PVC coated and lined with nylon, which is waterproof and requires less maintenance. The bag also features a sticky back grip handle that relieves shoulder stress.

This tote is very versatile. Whether you want to do a grocery run or pack a bag for the beach, carry the laundry load or prepare for the gym, the BALEINE tote bag works for all your storage needs. A pocket present on the inner side will keep your money, phone and other small essentials safe. Plus, you can fold and easily store it when not in use.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Sturdy bag will last you long

  • Lots of storage space for all your traveling needs

  • Secure inner pocket to hold all your valuables


  • It can only be machine-washed

Honorable mention: ESVAN Floral Large Tote Bag

This lightweight shoulder bag is ideal for carrying your gym gear and beach essentials. The ESVAN tote bag is high-quality polyester, resistant to water and creasing.

The bag features a bright floral design in blue, green and pink, which is aesthetically pleasing.

The bag has several pockets: Two inner pockets with double zippers, one large outside pocket and one large inner pocket. These pockets have metal zippers, which are durable and easy to operate. Zip them up and no sand or debris can get inside where your phone or wallet are. Despite the size of the bag, it is lightweight and easy to carry. Plus, it has adjustable straps that are crease-resistant. This tote bag offers you the perfect combination of style and functionality.


  • High-quality and durable bag will last you a long time

  • Ideal gift because of its vibrant design pattern

  • Metal zippers improve the security of your tote bag

  • Versatile bag for all your carrying needs


  • It is not machine washable

Most stylish: Monstina Laptop Tote Bag

Ideally designed for carrying laptops, this tote bag is 6.3 inches wide and suitable to carry 14 to 15-inch laptops and tablets.

This top-rated bag features a thick, soft compartment that makes it ideal for carrying small gadgets without fear of cracks or scratches. Another cool feature? A whopping 15 pockets for all your delicate essentials like cosmetics, notebooks and office supplies. While this tote is great for laptops, you can use it to carry anything you want while going to work, school or even shopping.

It has a classic black and brown look that goes well with almost all outfits. The material used in its manufacturing is high-grade leather and nylon, which is wear and wrinkle resistant. Plus, it has undergone special waterproof treatment, so it’s resistant to water as well.


  • Proactive customer service

  • It includes a built-in Velcro strap that secures the laptop

  • Carry your waterproof bag with confidence

  • Several compartments for better organization of your stuff


  • It does not include a charging compartment

Large tote bag buying guide

When you’re on the go, a large tote bag is a great will come in handy so you don’t have to leave anything important behind. Totes are very popular these days, so as you can imagine there are lots of sizes, styles and design to choose from. If you need help narrowing the down best or deciding which large tote bag is right for you, keep reading.

Handle length 

Handle length is a very important detail on tote bags. Some have long handles you can drape over your shoulder, while others are shorter and designed to be carried in your hand. Here are some common ones to be on the lookout for:

Long handles

These are around 24-26 inches ‌and have a 12 to 13-inch drop. They hang off the elbow or rest on the shoulder. They are comfortable to carry around and look fashionable as well.

Standard handles

They have approximately 20-22 inches ‌with a 9 to 11-inch drop. The length of the handles is such that you can drape them over your shoulder, and they won’t slip off or become too tight.

Short handles

With 14 to 18-inch length and 6 to 8-inch drop, you can carry these handles by hand. Totes with shorter handles are best-suited for loads that would be too heavy on your shoulder.

Detachable straps

Handles with detachable straps are versatile and chic looking. When carrying lightweight, you can carry them by the handles in your hands and with heavyweight, you can strap the bag across your body so it doesn’t feel too heavy.


Be sure to consider the material of the tote bag when shopping for the one that is right for you. The most common materials in totes are canvas and cotton because of their durability and easy maintenance. You can clean them in the washing machine and the fabric will keep its quality. These bags are suitable for grocery shopping or carrying items for everyday outings.

Polyester is another commonly used material that is ideal for storing food items. If you’re going to the beach or the grocery store, then polyester totes are a suitable option as they will keep your food and drinks at optimum temperature for a short period of time.


If you want your tote bag to add some flair to your outfit, then go with a bag that has attractive colors, designs and prints. Just make sure the quality is good so that the color doesn’t fade after a few washes or extended exposure to the sun.


If you’ll be commuting on public transportation with your tote, then look for one that has a zipper to keep your items safe. A zipper will allow ensure your items are safe and secure when you’re on a crowded bus or train.

Pockets and compartments

Interior pockets and compartments can keep your items organized and easily accessible. For instance, you can keep your cardholder and wallet in one pocket, your phone in another and your keys in the third one. We know it never hurts to have too many pockets, but check the minimum number ‌and see if it meets your basic requirements.

People also asked

What is the average lifespan of a tote bag?

The longevity of a tote bag depends on the material it is made of and how carefully you use the bag. Some materials, like jute, canvas and leather, can last years even with heavy use. Proper maintenance and care also play a crucial role in extending the life of the bag. If you clean it regularly with the manufacturer recommended method, you will find it lasts longer.

Are shoulder bags different from tote bags?

Shoulder bags have straps, which ‌fit over your shoulder. One of your shoulders bears the weight of the bag. Tote bags are carried in your hand or in the crook of your arm. This is because of their size. They carry a lot of essentials, so holding it in hand doesn’t place a lot of weight on the shoulder.

Are tote bags waterproof?

It varies from one tote bag to another. Some bags are resistant to water. To find out whether the one you are purchasing is waterproof, check the manufacturer’s instructions. Waterproof tote bags are helpful when you have to go on a picnic or beach trip, as they protect your belongings even if your bag accidentally gets wet.

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