The best films on TV today: Tuesday, 16 June

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<em>Patti Cake$, The Handmaiden, The Sessions.</em>
Patti Cake$, The Handmaiden, The Sessions.

There are great films about aspiring female rap artists, intimate dramas and stunning Korean thrills on offer as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Tuesday, 16 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Horse race heist gang's perfect plan crumbles under unforeseen details in Kubrick's narratively innovative twister The Killing 2:45pm Film4

Competing father figures vie to mould young boy's character in astonishing bar brawls and an iconic ambiguity in standard setting, restrained and emotive classic Shane 4:25pm Film4

Two warring kingdoms unite to use Liam Neeson and a five bladed throwing star to fight off an alien invasion. 80s SciFantasy Krull 6:35pm Sony Movies

The Rock rescues gangster's son from Christopher Walken's gold mine in toxic fruit-feeding, rebel-rousing fun Welcome to the Jungle 9:00pm Comedy Central

Stoic, sociopathic, scorpionesque stuntman lets his heels and wheels do the talking in romantic, skull crushing, synthwave scored neon-noir Drive 9:00pm Sony Movies

Channing Tatum in White House Down. (Sony Pictures)
Channing Tatum in White House Down. (Sony Pictures)

Squirrel-talking daughter-disappointer makes mercs Die Hard and does limo-donuts in head exploding liberal actioner White House Down 9:00pm 5 Star

Fleeing abusive relationship, woman's new accommodation causes rash of ailments which bring more unnerving questions than they answer in stylish final girl horror fun Gnaw 10:00pm SyFy

Under crushing brutality of total war, tank-crew grind through Germany in unflinching, unrelenting, ballistic and intense drama Fury 10:00pm ITV4

Statuesque incest survivor reluctantly embarks on path of vengeance in blinding, surreal, nightmarish neon-noir Only God Forgives 11:05pm Sony Movies

Astonishing raw talent rap-battles for recognition upon journey to self-belief in invigorating, word-smithing wonder Patti Cake$ 11:20pm Film4

Drunk driving causes: death by penis, cinema mob murder, weed toking killers and rap battles in deconstructionist parody Scary Movie 11:35pm 5 Star

Over a year and a day upon the Orkney islands, a young boy’s imagination grows under tutelage of his grandfather and teacher as he comes of age Venus Peter 00:00am Talking Pictures TV

Time travelling detective para-doctors paradoxes to stop elusive bomber in high concept, cerebral sci-fi treat Predestination 11:45pm Sony Movies Action

Faithful polio-paralysed-poet explores physical love with sex-therapist: heartfelt, inspiring, perspicuous true tale The Sessions 1:30am Film4

Lust and love, trust and treachery as tricksters try to cheat innocent affluent heiress in exquisite, intricate thriller The Handmaiden 1:50am Channel 4

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