Get the Best Deal on SPOT Injury Insurance

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Many things we do as skiers are inherently risky. We brave sub-freezing temperatures, inclement weather, treacherous roads, a diet of beer and carbs, the risks of backcountry skiing, and generally hurling our bodies down steep slopes on slippery sticks. And yet, we’re able to enjoy all the fun and joy these choices provide because we do what’s necessary to keep ourselves safe in those instances. We wear helmets, put snow tires on our cars, check the avalanche forecast, and ski with a beacon, shovel, and probe. We hope the worst doesn’t happen, but we want to be prepared in case it does. The peace of mind is worth the extra expense and effort. There are some circumstances, however, out of control—and they can be costly, even if you have insurance. If you get hurt in the mountains or need to be rescued, you could end up paying more than $25,000 out of pocket unless you have accident insurance. SPOT Injury Insurance is a way to cover that gap and Outside+ members can now get a full year of coverage for just $90 a year. (Non-members can get SPOT insurance for $250/year). With SPOT, if you have an accident, you can focus on your injury first and get the treatment you need. Go to any licensed physician, hospital, ER, or urgent care clinic that is convenient to you. Whatever your physician recommends as treatment should be covered, whether that’s diagnostic tests, scans, surgery, specialist visits, prescriptions, procedures, hospital stays, ambulance or air ambulance rides, physical therapy, and more. Filing a claim with SPOT is simple. It’s just a matter of taking pictures of your bill(s), explaining how you got injured, and providing a few other details. Once you file a claim, you will be given a personal claims representative who will work with you to determine the best plan for your medical and financial situation. Like the extra layer you’re waffling about putting in your pack on your way out the door: it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Sign up for SPOT Injury Insurance here.