Best comebacks of Caps' 2019-20 semifinal:The Long Island miracle vs. 4-goal 3rd period against Pittsburgh

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With the NHL hitting pause on the 2019-20 season, NBC Sports Washington is looking back at the highlights from the first 69 games of the regular season. The Comeback Caps dug many holes and climbed back out of a large number of them, but which comeback was the best?

We've gone through the first round and now it's the semifinals! To breakdown the matchup, we brought in a number of our Caps experts to discuss on an online chat.

Semifinal: The Long Island miracle vs. 4-goal 3rd period against Pittsburgh

Jason Murphy (Caps Pre/Post Producer): Alright all, semifinal number two, we've got the #2 seed 5-goal 3rd period against the Isles on January 18th up against the somewhat surprising #6 seed 4-goal comeback against the Penguins on 2/23 which absolutely slaughtered the comeback against the Canucks in the first round. Where are you leaning?

Ryan Billie (Caps Game Producer): First of all... the fact that the Canucks comeback doesn't get more love is CRAZY

Katy Williams (Caps Digital Editor): is it really that surprising that the Caps beating the Penguins did well in a fan poll?

Ryan Billie: But, the Islanders game was OUTRAGEOUS. There was no way anyone saw that coming.

Meredith Violi (Social Media Coordinator): That's exactly what it was - people didn't read and saw 'Caps beat Pens' and voted blindly

JJ Regan (Caps Beat Reporter): The Caps literally had 10 shots on goal in the first 2 periods against the Penguins. 10. And then they scored four goals in the third period as they just wore them down with 60 minutes of physical punishment. Having said that....there's no question. Of course it's the Islanders game! Come on, it was 4-1!


Ryan Billie: The Penguins game was fantastic, but less for the comeback and more for Brenden Dillon punching Malkin in the head a lot.

Robert Carlin (Caps Pre/Postgame Host): That comeback on the Island was, to steal a Joe B-ism, "simply sensational". Down 4-1 on the road. Devon Toews does the Kuzy bird on the last goal. That game was as sleepy as I've been every day of this quarantine. But Ovi takes over. Incredible. Winner. Hands down. Buh-BYE

JJ Regan: Devon Toews was probably getting a lot of birds that night.....

Meredith Violi: The Isles game was nuts. Ovi tying - then passing - Lemieux on the all-time scoring list AND notching a hat trick in the comeback takes it.

And it left fans happy before the All-Star break. always a plus

Brian McNally (Deputy Managing Editor): I can't go against that Islanders comeback. That looked like an angry team heading into the locker room down 4-1. Dead in the water.

Rob Carlin: That was also back to back hatties for Ovi. He passed Mario and tied Stevie Y. There was a lot going on in that game. A lot!

Katy Williams: I enjoy watching the Caps beat the Pens as much as anyone, BUT, Ovechkin REFUSED to let the Caps lose that game against the Islanders. Everything you love most about him was on display on the Island

Ryan Billie: Down 4-1.... ON THE ROAD... The Toews deal was strange too. Kinda came out of nowhere, was no real reason for it.

Jason Murphy: maybe he really likes FIFA too?

JJ Regan: Not only did the Caps overcome a 4-1 deficit, Ovechkin got a hat trick. Goal 1 tied him with Lemieux, goal 2 moved him past Lemieux, goal 3 tied him with Steve Yzerman for 9th all-time!

Robert Carlin: Oh, also, Trotz!

Jason Murphy: nice name drop Billie

Robert Carlin: Weird, didn't we see them on tv that day??

Ryan Billie: Then you weren't paying attention... Because up until the third, they were the best thing going in the arena

He tried to throw his hat... didn't get far...

Rob Carlin: Islanders-Sharks championship for this comebacks bracket is gonna be a tough decision

Ryan Billie: It will be... but those are the best, even though I still say the Canucks game doesn't get enough love. That was the 2nd game of a back to back.... lost to Edmonton in OT the night before... they had all the reason not to win that game, but they did. But I digress.

You decide!

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Best comebacks of Caps' 2019-20 semifinal:The Long Island miracle vs. 4-goal 3rd period against Pittsburgh originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington