The best burgers in Washington County, according to readers

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We asked readers about their favorite burgers, starting with Benton County. This week, we're looking at Washington County. Your picks, in no particular order:

  • Angus Jack in Springdale, where the patties are made from, you guessed it, Angus beef, was a pick from our friend Kathleen Glasgow Sparks.

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  • Smitty's Garage Burgers & Beer is a favorite lunch spot for working folks. The menu offers all sorts of twists, from a burger with Sriracha aioli, grilled onions, grilled jalapeños and blue cheese to the Sticky Finger, which (gulp!) has peanut butter and bacon bits along with cheese and sweet jalapeño relish.

  • Hugo's in Fayetteville is an iconic burger-and-more spot that offers a third-pound charbroiled patty. Kim Ratcliff says she melts for the Bleu Moon burger with blue cheese, lettuce, red onion and mayo.

And then there's Feltner Brothers of Fayetteville. Classic, yet modern. Also a hit with the lunch crowd, Feltner Brothers wins points for creative names: Shroom Swissalaka (Feltner sauce, dad's mushrooms, grilled onions, Swiss cheese) and the Brobecue (Feltner sauce, barbecue sauce, grilled onions, bacon, cheddar cheese).

  • And, they serve the same fries ASU grads will remember — the ones served at the Feltner's Whatta-burger in Russellville.

Worth's thought bubble: My fave, by far, is the Hometown at Feltner Brothers, which comes with lettuce, fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese. It's ridiculously good.

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