Best of Boston Celtics’ ‘View from the Rafters’ podcast Season 3

By now, most fans of the Boston Celtics have stumbled across the podcast that the team self-produces that goes by the name of the “View from the Rafters,” a nod to the Celtics’ illustrious past winning banners obscuring the ceiling of their home court of TD Garden.

Now in its third season of existence, the folks behind the podcast recently put together a “best of” episode highlighting their favorite moments from Season 3. Included are the origin of the Bus 1 Boys, Paul Pierce’s start with the Celtics, Robert Williams III on being a dad in the NBA and what it is like to scout for Boston.

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Also included is Jayson Tatum on the “Confetti Game” against the Philadelphia 76ers, Celtics memories for Danilo Gallinari and a whole lot more.

Take a look at the clip embedded above to hear it for yourself.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire