Best Bites: 5 ways to dress up pie Editors

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Thanksgiving is just one week away, which means you're probably going crazy with meal planning. And everyone knows that for this holiday, it's all about the pies. Impress your guests this holiday season with these stunning pie crusts.

All 5 crusts are beautiful, delicate and so easy to make.

See the directions below!


1. Finger crisp: Press edges lightly with fingers around pie
2. Crosshatch: Press your fork along the edges in alternating angles, left to right.
3. Spoon scallop: Press spoon along edge of pie and repeat.
4. Checkerboard: Make cuts one inch apart in dough and fold every other piece of dough over.
5. Foldover: Fold over excess dough in sections.
6. Dig in!

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