'Best Aberdeen performance I've seen in 40 years'

Your Views

We asked for your thoughts after Aberdeen missed out on the Scottish Cup final in the most dramatic fashion.

Here's a taste of what you had to say:

Martin: Proud of the boys. Cracking goals while two of theirs could have been avoided. Why was the penalty overturned? If Hoilett puts away his chance, who's to say what might have happened.

James: What a game! I am sure it will be talked about for a very long time to come. Both teams made it a truly fantastic spectacle. Celtic should have had the game done by half-time, but the Dandies had other ideas. I am sure that Jimmy Thelin will have seen much to encourage him. All credit to Peter Leven for getting his tactics right.

Andy: A decent performance from the players and it begs the question. Why can't they perform like this every week? One thing that was certainly highlighted is the overrating of Shinnie's contribution and importance to the side.

Richard: Absolutely loved it yesterday. I think the best Aberdeen performance I have ever seen in person in my 40 years of following the team. This was the performance and fight and character we expected going into this season, but had been sorely lacking. Peter Leven has done incredibly well and has shown up our previous managers comprehensively.

DT: I hope Jimmy was watching and he’s seen what he has to work with. I’m willing to wait and am excited to see what our new boss will bring.

Kevin: So very proud of Aberdeen Football Club today! They turned up, played with attitude and showed some respect for the team and the fans they represent.

Andrew: Great game, great performance by the Dons. Draw probably a fair result, though hurts to have had another wrong VAR call on the Hoilett penalty. Thelin’s going to expect this level of effort as a minimum, and if we do we have the quality to make the most of it. Much more like it, lads.

Paul: Very proud of the players today I thought we deserved to win. I thought the officiating was terrible and this played a part in the defeat. If we play like this we will be back in Europe next season.

Graeme: I'm disappointed with the result, but not by the performance. The team fought hard from kick-off to final whistle, and we didn't lose by a bucket load like I expected. If they can put that kind of application in for the next five games, we'll be okay.