Berry thinks Dalvin Cook could wind up in Buffalo

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers reveal their roster predictions for 2023 ahead of the summer including Joe Mixon to the Dallas Cowboys and Dalvin Cook to the Buffalo Bills.

Video Transcript

CONNOR ROGERS: We'll close out with some roster predictions. Obviously, there could be some movement after June 1. Always some post June 1 cuts. Jay, what do you got?

JAY CROUCHER: So I'm going to predict that Joe Mixon ends up on the Cowboys. This feels like a very Jerry thing to do, just ruin Tony Pollard for everyone. I don't know why, but they just don't ever seem committed to just giving it to Pollard, letting it be his show. I don't understand the concerns about him being small, not being able to carry the workload. Can we just see him?

MATTHEW BERRY: You're not small. We're not, he's not, he's not small. He was a workhorse back in college.

JAY CROUCHER: Can we just see him not carry the workload first? Let's see him fail in that role first before we bring someone else in. The fact that I'm hoping that they were so heavy on Zeke because he's Zeke, and he's so integral to the franchise. But I think they're going to bring in someone else, and why not Joe Mixon?

MATTHEW BERRY: I think there's a better chance they bring Zeke back than Mixon, but we'll see. A sort of likely--

JAY CROUCHER: Like a Cowboys thing.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah. I'm going to predict that, look, that I think Dalvin Cook is not a member of the Minnesota Vikings. My guy, Ian Hartitz, who writes for "Fantasy Life," he noticed that the Vikings Twitter page replaced their banner on their Twitter headline. They took Dalvin Cook out and put Alexander Mattison in.

CONNOR ROGERS: It's unbelievable.

MATTHEW BERRY: Well, you know, if you want to get into conspiracy theories. But for whatever reason, they have a graphic with a handful of Vikings players in there in their Twitter handle, their Twitter profile picture. And they did a new graphic that has Alexander Mattison in the place where Dalvin Cook was.

JAY CROUCHER: Very subtle.

MATTHEW BERRY: So I think-- yeah, it was very subtle.

CONNOR ROGERS: Couldn't you wait until June 2nd?

MATTHEW BERRY: No, they didn't even wait. I think Dalvin Cook leaves the Vikings. And bold prediction as to where he goes?

CONNOR ROGERS: I think he goes to play with his brother James in Buffalo.

JAY CROUCHER: The Cook brothers.

MATTHEW BERRY: Right, the Cook brothers. You think about it, his former teammate Stefon Diggs is there. His brother is there. The only other competition in the backfield is Latavius Murray and Damien Harris. I think I could see the Bills, I could see James Cook and Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen saying, yo, Dalvin, come over here and win a Super Bowl with us. There's a lot of reasons why you could see that if they release Dalvin Cook, who's a free agent, why he might wind up in Buffalo.

CONNOR ROGERS: All right, well, I'll go with Zeke, then. You predicted Mixon will be gone from the Bengals to go to the Cowboys. How about a little "Trading Places?" How about Zeke has gone from the Cowboys to go to the Bengals?

JAY CROUCHER: It's a tough trade for the Bengals, but yeah, I could see that.

MATTHEW BERRY: Somebody with Ezekiel Elliott on his dynasty team, I would love that.

CONNOR ROGERS: Little resurgence.


CONNOR ROGERS: A free touchdown.

MATTHEW BERRY: I mean, at the moment, he has no value.

JAY CROUCHER: I like it, a little ring-chasing from Zeke. A little David West signing with the Warriors type operation. I like it. I could see that.

CONNOR ROGERS: With that, we take a little break.

JAY CROUCHER: Shout-out to David.

CONNOR ROGERS: Shout-out to David West, yeah, exactly.

MATTHEW BERRY: We're off for a couple of months. We're going to go enjoy our summer, you guys as well. NFLPA rookie premiere stuff as well. There'll be more stuff on the NFL on NBC YouTube page, so continue to check that out.

Have an awesome summer. We will see you late July. For Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers, rising star Connor Rogers, I'm Matthew Berry. It's closing time. You can't stay here, but you got to go home. Peace out!

CONNOR ROGERS: That's not even true.

MATTHEW BERRY: That's not exactly correct. I screwed that up.

CONNOR ROGERS: You got to go home.

MATTHEW BERRY: No, you do have to go home. Go enjoy, go enjoy the summer. Be with your friends and family, for the love of Pete. God, I do need a break.