Berry likes Jahmyr Gibbs as a RB3 in PPR leagues

Matthew Berry, Connor Rogers and Jay Croucher discuss their initial reactions to the Detroit Lions drafting RB Jahmyr Gibbs, break down his fantasy value and analyze what it means for the other RBs in Detroit.

Video Transcript

CONNOR ROGERS: Maybe the biggest surprise of the 2023 NFL Draft so far the Detroit Lions they move back to 12--


CONNOR ROGERS: --get some extra draft capital. And they take Jahmyr Gibbs, running back out of Alabama. Guys, two running backs go in the top 15 in round 1.

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MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, shocking. It's not that we don't like Gibbs. We love Gibbs. He was our number-two running back collectively, right?


MATTHEW BERRY: It's just-- it's shocking the fit and also the draft-- the draft capital to be a top-12 pick as a running back, especially when you think about who's on the roster. What this tells me very clearly is that the Lions hate D'Andre Swift.

- Yeah.

MATTHEW BERRY: You know how like when Jay leaves, and you and I just MF Jay?

CONNOR ROGERS: It kind of feels--

MATTHEW BERRY: That's what happens--

CONNOR ROGERS: It's starting to feel that way.


MATTHEW BERRY: --on the Lions when Swift leaves. They just-- they don't like him.

JAY CROUCHER: Jay Andre Swift.

MATTHEW BERRY: Yeah, exactly, that is you. I mean, I just-- I hate to tell you. But like honestly, you have to assume-- you have to assume that they're just sort of done with D'Andre Swift, like for whatever reason. Like I guess the concerns about the health. But like this is a player that sort of fits into that role, right?

They signed David Montgomery to be the banger to sort of take that Jamaal Williams role. And so you think about D'Andre Swift, who over the last two years, has over 70 targets. Again, and that's a guy that wasn't always on the field. And so you think about how exciting this offense is. And it's an explosive one.


And so Gibbs, who's a really good pass catcher, top five among receptions and receiving yards among running backs last year in college-- I think Gibbs is probably a top-30 running back, because he's going to split time with Montgomery. But assuming Swift is not on the team-- that's where my ranking is-- he'll be right in that 25 to 30 range for me as a really nice number-three running back in PPR.

JAY CROUCHER: Well, they got to play him, because they spent all of this capital on him.


JAY CROUCHER: So that helps. Look, I think the Lions are the favorite to win their division. They're the fourth favorite in the NFC behind the Eagles, 49ers, and Cowboys. This is a team that's right there. And they've just spent the number-12 pick on a running back when they've already got Swift and Montgomery? I don't understand it at all, Connor. But Gibbs is a good player.


CONNOR ROGERS: From a team-building perspective it's odd. There's no way around it. We thought we loved Gibbs on this desk. We thought we were leading the charge. And the Lions were like, we're going to lap you right now. So, I mean, look at Gibbs, lightning quick feet, great acceleration. He caught 42 passes last year for almost 400 yards-- only dropped one.

He's a great pass-catching back. But you have a problem with maybe a running back that's struggling to stay healthy because of size. And you take another undersized running back with a top-15 pick. Love Gibbs. Think he'll be relevant in fantasy. But for the Lions, there's no denying this is a big shocker.

MATTHEW BERRY: Well, right, unless they get rid of Swift, unless they have a plan to move Swift. And then maybe it all makes sense. I will say the Lions have made a lot of right moves over the last couple of years. So give them the benefit of the doubt. And Gibbs, I think, is probably a better NFL player for the Lions than he is a fantasy asset. But, yes, he will have value in fantasy, again, as a top-30 play for me, especially in PPR.