Bernie Sanders says McConnell’s additions to COVID relief bill are a deal breaker

On The Rachel Maddow Show Tuesday night, Senator Bernie Sanders said the additions Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attached to the $2,000 COVID relief package could kill the bill. After blocking a vote on the relief package, McConnell added provisions that would repeal Section 230 legal liability protections for internet platforms and form a commission to investigate election fraud, both of Which President Trump has called for.

“As it currently stands, it is a deal breaker,” Sanders said. “You have an issue like Section 230, which is a very complicated and controversial issue, and you cannot just snap your fingers and in a day vote to eliminate it.”

Sanders has threatened to filibuster the veto override of the defense spending bill if there is no vote on the relief package, which overwhelmingly passed in the House. Sanders also said he doesn’t believe either provision would pass on its own, but with several Republicans expressing support for the $2,000 relief package, it has a chance if voted on as a stand-alone bill.

“If he separated the issue of section 230 and the so-called voter fraud thing, let people vote on that, my guess would be that both of those provisions would not get the 60 votes that they need,” Sanders said. “Whether or not we can get the 12 or 13 Republicans that we need to pass the House bill, not sure, but I think we got a shot at it.”