Berlusconi tried to buy Milan back in 2022, revealed Galliani

Berlusconi tried to buy Milan back in 2022, revealed Galliani
Berlusconi tried to buy Milan back in 2022, revealed Galliani

Silvio Berlusconi had asked Elliott Management to purchase 25 per cent of Milan in 2022 and return to being President, reveals Monza CEO Adriano Galliani. ‘It is all true.’

Berlusconi took over at Milan in 1986 when the club was on the verge of bankruptcy and took them within a couple of years to being the most successful team in world football, winning Serie A, the European Cup and Intercontinental Cup.

He sold the Rossoneri to Chinese businessman Yonghong Li in 2017, but Elliott Management repossessed the club as an asset a year later when the new owner had failed to keep up loan repayments.

Despite being under the guidance of an American investment fund, Milan went on to win the Scudetto and it was during those celebrations in May 2022 that there was almost a shock return.

It was revealed by journalist Carlo Pellegatti at the Festival della Serie A in Parma, in a panel with Galliani.

“In 2022, Berlusconi went to the Scudetto celebrations and was greeted by the chant ‘there is only one President.’ So he turned to President Paolo Scaroni during the celebration and asked to speak with Elliott chief Paul Singer.

“He wanted to buy 25 per cent of Milan, but only if it meant he could be President and Galliani the CEO.”

Galliani confirms Berlusconi wanted Milan back

This anecdote was put to Galliani, who was Berlusconi’s right-hand man since the mid-1980s first at Milan and then Monza.

“It’s all true. There was this celebration, the fans were singing only one President. He managed to speak with Singer in the end, but nothing came of it.”

An agreement was already in the works with Gerry Cardinale and RedBird to purchase the club from Elliott Management.

The timing proved fortuitous, as Berlusconi did return to Serie A soon after.

“A week later, Monza secured promotion to Serie A. It was something only Silvio Berlusconi could achieve, taking Monza to Serie A after 110 years of history. Monza hadn’t even seen Serie B for 20 years, when he bought Monza in 2018 he said we’re going to Serie A.”

Berlusconi died in June 2023 at the age of 86.