Berlin develops interest in hosting NFL game

When the NFL first started looking for German cities to host regular-season games, Berlin was not interested. Now that Germany has taken to NFL football like Sgt. Schultz to a macaroon, Berlin wants in.

Via the Associated Press, Commissioner Roger Goodell identified Berlin as a potentially interested host during a fan event on Saturday in Frankfurt.

“Düsseldorf, Berlin — there’s been a lot of interest there — so I think they’re all possibilities, yes,” Goodell said.

Düsseldorf, Munich, and Frankfurt were the three cities to express interest when the NFL first started looking at Germany.

“We have every intention to continue to play here,” Goodell said in response to questions from fans but not the media. “You’ve been an incredible part of our growth, you’ve been part of our history of growing our game globally. We’re going to continue to play here in some fashion.”

The NFL is due to play a 2024 game in Munich, and a 2025 game in Frankfurt.