Benny the Butcher talks Griselda movie 'Conflicted' and how he's recovering from shooting

Rapper Benny the Butcher makes his acting debut in the new movie Conflicted which co-stars fellow Griselda member Westside Gunn.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Benny talked about his approach to acting and how the film mirrored his own past, some of which was spent in and out of jail.

“When you come home, you’re really on an island. You're by yourself because you're dealing with things that nobody else is dealing with,” he said. “So it was like, you got to distance yourself from everything negative.”

As for his acting chops, he said he felt inspired by Denzel Washington, and the characters he’s played onscreen.

“Who wouldn’t want to play one of the parts Denzel plays?” he said. “[Acting] was something I was really willing to put my best foot forward with, taking acting classes and everything.”

Watch more from the Butcher in the interview above.