Benjamin St-Juste got married this offseason at an All Pro-caliber venue

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St-Juste got married this offseason at an All Pro-caliber venue originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Benjamin St-Juste hasn't been with the Washington Commanders for long — 2022 will mark just his second season with the franchise and in the NFL overall — but in his dealings with the media, he's come across as rather humble.

That was especially true on Tuesday when discussing where he and his wife, Julia, got married during the offseason.

"Really great venue," the corner told reporters in a press conference when asked about the event.

An argument can be made that St-Juste was about seven reallys short in his assessment after researching the spot where he said "I do" to Julia.

The venue, Oheka Castle, is located in Huntington, New York and was completed in 1919. It sits on about 440 acres of land and the property itself is roughly 110,000 square feet (two football fields, to give you an idea, add up to 115,200 square feet).

"The crazy part about it is my wife found it on TikTok," St-Juste said. "I think it's a pretty famous spot, a pretty popular spot for a lot of celebrities."

Once again, St-Juste was being far too modest.

If you want to feel discouraged about your résumé, hold it up next to Oheka Castle's résumé, which looks like this:

  • Oheka Castle is believed to have partially pushed F. Scott Fitzgerald toward writing a little novel called The Great Gatsby

  • Beyoncé filmed the music video for her 2013 song "Haunted" at Oheka Castle

  • Taylor Swift filmed the music video for her 2014 song "Blank Space" at Oheka Castle

  • HBO's Succession filmed the third episode of its second season at Oheka Castle

  • Kevin Jonas (of Jonas Brothers fame) also tied the knot at Oheka Castle

  • Floyd Mayweather just attended a party at Oheka Castle

And here are a couple of photos from the St-Justes' life milestone, so you can get an even clearer feel for how absurd of a place Oheka Castle is:


Decent backdrop, huh?


There are mansions and then there are MANSIONS


That's a mighty fine foyer

"[Julia] really liked it," St-Juste said. "That's what she really wanted, and it gave me a little bit of, like, Chateau de Versailles, like French, like Paris type of vibes and my family is all French.

"So I know it just fit perfectly and that it was a really good wedding."

Sorry in advance to those of you with partners who will stumble across this story and in turn request that your respective weddings also go down at Oheka Castle.

In fact, be prepared to submit a check with a blank space in order to make it happen.