Bengals still hold top spot in 2020 NFL Draft, Giants narrow gap

Darin Gantt

For a moment on Sunday, it looked like no one wanted the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, since all the teams at the top of the order were winning.

But we have come to count on the Giants.

If the season ended today, the Bengals (1-11) would still hold the top spot in next year’s selection order. Also, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the NFL season end the Tuesday after Week 13?”

But the Giants are more secure in the second spot, after wins by Washington (3-9) and Miami (3-9) kept those teams in the third and fourth slots. The Giants, meanwhile, have lost eight in a row and seem intent on challenging the Bengals.

The Falcons (3-9) would pick fifth based on current standings, followed by the Lions (3-8-1), Cardinals (3-8-1), Jaguars (4-8), Jets (4-8), and the Chargers (4-8), who crept into the top 10 with a third straight loss.

The Broncos fell from fifth last week to the 11th spot, showing the volatility at the bottom, as the teams at the top of the league separate themselves from the chaff pretty early this year.