Bengals will release RB Joe Mixon after seven seasons

After seven seasons in Cincinnati, Joe Mixon's time with the Bengals is ending.

The Bengals will release Mixon, PFT has confirmed.

Mixon was a second-round pick in 2017. He had four 1,000-yard rushing seasons, including 1,034 in 2023.

He seemed to be in danger of getting cut last year. However, he re-did both the 2023 and 2024 seasons of his contract. He was due to make $6 million in 2024.

Some would say it would have been better if the Bengals had done it sooner, at the latest on Sunday. That would have given Mixon a better chance to land quickly on his feet before other running backs signed. However, the Bengals presumably wants to keep a bird in the hang while they negotiated with others — and before striking a deal with Zack Moss.

Either way, he'll be out. At 27, it will be interesting to see how much interest he generates elsewhere.