Bengals players, NFL fans are not happy about playoff seeding proposal

The Cincinnati Bengals appeared to get the short end of the stick on the NFL’s proposed solution to handling AFC playoff seeding.

Bengals players, Bengals fans and general onlookers were a little taken aback when the league announced the proposals, to say the least.

To keep it succinct, the postponed Week 17 game between the Bills and Bengals goes down as a no-contest. That makes the Bengals AFC North champions. But the league proposes that if the Bengals lose to the Ravens in Week 18 and that sets up a Bengals-Ravens rematch in the playoffs, a coin flip will determine which team hosts the playoff game.

Meaning, the Bengals get the harder schedule next year and a worse draft pick for being divisional champs, but aren’t guaranteed home-field advantage. It’s also a change of rules mid-season, which never occurs.

We’ll see if the proposal passes, but the reactions were overwhelmingly negative regarding how they impact the Bengals.


Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire