Bengals news: Cap space update, more roster moves and more

The Cincinnati Bengals enter the offseason with plenty of newsworthy items surrounding the team.

One of the more interesting aspects fans should know about as the team starts to make roster moves, ponder extensions and free agents is the status of the salary cap around the team.

Before the playoffs start, it sure doesn’t hurt to keep sifting through some of the season-ending interviews with players. It’s also worth examining the possible future of one of the team’s staples over the last few years — running back Joe Mixon.

Here’s a look at the must-know Bengals news, notes and quotes for January 10.

Cap space update


The Bengals have a ton of free cap space compared to the rest of the league. Problem is, they also have a ton of free agents and decisions they need to make — strating with wideout Tee Higgins.

Another roster move


After getting future/reserve contracts done, the Bengals locked up an offensive lineman on a one-year deal.

Joe Mixon on his future


The longtime Bengals running back talked about what the future might hold and how he’s thankful for the experiences with his teammates.

Ted Karras gets a big win


Karras’ remarkable off-field work got a big reward early this week thanks to fans who took to social media to vote.

Joe Burrow's message


Joe Burrow sent a message to fans while looping in a classic movie to really get his point across.

DJ Reader on the future --


DJ Reader might end up leaving in free agency, but he’s not worried at all about the future core of the team: “Joe, Germaine, Logan. You’ve got all these guys. Trey, Sam. These guys are still here. Teddy K (arras) is now a core guy. They’ve been through it. There’ll be people here for a long time that are a part of this. Young guys. CTB. (Cam Taylor-Britt). Guys who played and are now a part of the core. You can’t ever change that.”

Cam Taylor-Britt supporting the Bearcats

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire