Bengals land interesting spot in ranking of NFL’s next dynasty contenders

Are the Cincinnati Bengals a possible dynasty contender?

One could argue the Bengals qualify for the short list of teams that could be considered capable of going on a Chiefs-like run over the course of the next few years.

Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox recently ranked the eight teams likeliest to become the league’s next big dynasty, and there, the Bengals land seventh.

The notable things holding the Bengals back in the rankings:

Of course, there are reasons why the Bengals aren’t higher on this list. Key players like Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson are set to be free agents in 2025 and 2026, respectively, and both requested trades earlier this offseason. Cincinnati’s 31st-ranked defense was a problem last season, and there are questions about head coach Zac Taylor and about Burrow’s ability to stay on the field.

Cincinnati making a list like this at all is a good thing, of course. Some of those issues, especially in the case of Tee Higgins and Trey Hendrickson, are things the team has attempted to address already (with Andrei Iosivas, Myles Murphy, etc.).

But as always, the presence of an elite quarterback has a way of keeping any team relevant in these discussions. Joe Burrow’s ability to stay on the field is certainly part of the discussion now, but like he’s said in the past, the window could technically be his entire career.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire