Bengals hope Erick All can ride Iowa TE wave like Kittle, LaPorta

By now, fans know all about the injury history around new Cincinnati Bengals tight end Erick All.

Plus, they know all about the huge upside and starter grade the team had on the fourth-round pick.

But what’s also interesting to hear is a name like George Kittle coming up in conversations around the pick.

Bengals area scout Christian Sarkisian, for example, talked about how comparisons from Big Ten sources to names like George Kittle caused him to dig deeper during scouting.

“They talk about him the same way they do all the other Iowa tight ends (Sam LaPorta, George Kittle, etc.),” Sarkisian said, according to Paul Dehner Jr. of The Athletic. “He was a captain at Michigan, he would have been a captain there if he were there longer. He was really the only offense on that Iowa team this year. He’s a dynamic playmaker, physical run blocker, we are getting a pretty darned polished player once we are ready to roll with him.”

No wonder, then, the Bengals ended up with such high grades on All and didn’t think they would even get him as late as they did in the draft

As suspected when viewing the pick right after it was made, with All, the Bengals see someone with massive TE1 upside, should he be able to overcome the recent medical hurdles.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire