Bengals in great AFC North spot thanks to Ravens upset vs. Dolphins

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What might be the NFL’s toughest division just got a whole lot more complicated.

While the Cincinnati Bengals enjoy a bye this week, the AFC North just opened up a bit more thanks to the Baltimore Ravens taking a loss to the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night.

As such, the standings now look like this:

The Bengals, though, are the only team in the division with a winning record within it so far (2-1). Cincinnati has gone into Baltimore and Pittsburgh and picked up wins, though also suffered that blowout loss at home to the Browns.

It certainly feels like an “anything can happen” division. Baltimore has been on a steady decline in recent weeks, while Pittsburgh keeps slipping by and picking up wins.

As of this writing, the AFC East and AFC West have serious threats to steal wild card spots from the AFC North. But with things so close, the Bengals aren’t thinking about backing into the playoffs — they’ve still got a shot at a divisional crown.


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