Bengals fans flip out at sleeve or glove on Joe Burrow in deleted video

Cincinnati Bengals fans seemed to have a collective panic attack on Wednesday night before the team’s Thursday night game against the Baltimore Ravens.

There, Bengals fans noticed something strange in a picture featuring Joe Burrow and teammates getting off the plane in Baltimore — Burrow had something on his throwing hand.

And a video showed Burrow in the background with that same thing on his hand.

Then, the team deleted the video.

It’s impossible to say what the thing actually is. Burrow wasn’t on the injury report this week and appeared to be throwing normally in practice. This could be a precautionary thing, an actual serious injury thing or even something as innocent as a fashion choice or one of those gloves that helps the user more easily navigate tablet usage.

Either way, the Wednesday night posts — and especially the one that got deleted — had Bengals social media in a sudden uproar.

The deleted video

WCPO’s Caleb Noe provided footage of the video the team deleted.

Reactions and more

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire