Bengals emerge big winners with updated cap space after 2024 cap reveal

The Cincinnati Bengals have more cap space than expected.

That’s thanks to the NFL announcing on Friday that the 2024 salary cap will come in at a massive $255.4 million. Meaning, the number jumps all the way up from 2023’s $224.8 million.

Previous reporting on the topic suggested that the cap going over the $250 million mark would be the high end of things.

Alas, it’s even higher than expected and the Bengals will reap the benefits. Spotrac, for example, used a $242 million estimation while saying the Bengals had more than $60 million in space.

The massive number just made official by the league means the Bengals have north of $70 million after rollover from the year prior. That’s money they will put to work on keeping Tee Higgins via tag or extension, as well as other key free agents of their own and from the outside. It could also mean more flexibility on extensions for the likes of Ja’Marr Chase.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire