Bengals changing name of Paul Brown Stadium to Paycor Stadium

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Another NFL team is changing the iconic name of their stadium to something much less iconic.

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Tuesday that Paul Brown Stadium is no more, and will now be called Paycor Stadium. Paycor is a human capital management company that has been headquartered in Cincinnati for over 30 years.

Paul Brown Stadium, which opened in 2000, was named after the founder and first coach of the Bengals. His son, Mike Brown, is now the team president, and he doesn't think his dad would mind his name being taken off the stadium.

"This is a move that I think my father would have agreed to. He was always for what is best for the football team," said Brown said via the team website. "This partnership allows the Bengals to continue to compete at the highest level in the NFL and exemplifies our long-term commitment to the community."

Paul Brown died more than 30 years ago, when the Bengals were still playing at Riverfront Stadium. He didn't live to see the construction of the stadium that would be named in his honor, so we have to trust Mike Brown that his father wouldn't mind his name being permanently removed from the stadium in favor of a company that develops HR software.

Cincy's name change announcement comes just a month after another AFC North team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, changed the iconic name of their stadium. The Steelers played at Heinz Field ever since it opened in 2001, but it will now be called Acrisure Stadium, after a company that isn't headquartered anywhere near Pittsburgh.

While most Bengals fans aren't exploding with rage, many are pretty skeptical that removing the team founder's name from the stadium is what's "best" for the Bengals.

The Bengals' Paul Brown Stadium will now be called Paycor Stadium. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)
The Bengals' Paul Brown Stadium will now be called Paycor Stadium. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)