Bengals cap space update after release of La’el Collins

The Cincinnati Bengals releasing former starting offensive tackle La’el Collins has some noteworthy cap ramifications for the team.

On paper, the move should free up roughly $6 million or so this season and $7 million the next. Spotrac currently has the Bengals at $12.99 million in free cap space.

That said, it’s a little unclear on exact numbers from an outsider’s perspective. Collins was on the PUP and might’ve earned a Week 1 salary and we also don’t have clarification on if there were injury protection benefits.

Either way, the Bengals save a nice chunk of change with the move. It might not necessarily mean another move is on the way, either. The team just entered a season with one of its lowest totals in free space ever, so this might have simply been a way to create a little more breathing room (for injuries or even trade deadline flexibility).

Given that Collins was on the PUP and making near-starter money, there’s always a chance the two parties link back up on a cheaper deal at a later date, too.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire