Bengals beginning to pull away (in draft race)

Darin Gantt

The Dolphins entered the season looking like they’d pull away from the field — in reverse.

Instead, they keep winning, and a new favorite has emerged for the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

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If the season ended today, the winless Bengals (0-9) would hold spot in next year’s selection order. Also, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the NFL season end the Tuesday after Week 10?”

Cincinnati responded to rookie quarterback Ryan Finley‘s first start by taking a crisp 49-13 loss to the Ravens, signaling that it was perhaps not all Andy Dalton‘s fault.

Washington (1-8) currently sits in the second spot. After losing to their neighbors, the Giants (2-8) are in the third spot, with the Dolphins atop the group at 2-7, ahead of the Jets and Falcons.

The Browns (3-6), Buccaneers (3-6), Broncos (3-6), and Cardinals (3-6-1) round out the top 10.

The Raiders fell out of the top 10 last week, as the Bears’ win over the Lions pushed Oakland’s traded-for pick to the 14th spot.

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