Ben Higgins breaks the internet's heart with tearful goodbye on 'Bachelor Winter Games'

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Ben Higgins brought all the feels to The Bachelor Winter Games when he opened up about not being ready to move on since having his heart broken by former fiance, Lauren Bushnell.

Ben and Lauren got engaged on the season 20 of The Bachelor but broke up in the first half of 2017. Since then, Ben has admitted to struggling.

Ben told Chris Harrison, "As much as I've moved on, and I have, it still hurts even though we're months past it."

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While trying to hold back tears, Ben told Chris that he still struggles with breakup. Ben said that fame has been a bit of a curse because social media is just a constant reminder of his recent broken relationship.

Ultimately, Ben felt he was not longer capable of being on the show. He said, "My fear is not pursuing somebody. My fear is that if I was to be broken again, I'm not full enough right now to recover from that."

His departure brought tears from fans and housemates. Yuki was especially hurt, as she had developed feelings for Ben. To make matters worse, she had to leave because Ben had been her only chance of getting a rose.

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