Ben Carson thinks Donald Trump will “get there” on kneeling

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

There is at least one person who thinks Donald Trump will ease up on his criticisms of athletes who kneel in protest during the national anthem.

According to the Associated Press, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said during an interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show that he’d work with Trump to understand the issues athletes are actually protesting.

“Well, I don’t think he has manifested as much animosity in that region lately,” Carson said. “And I think we just continue to work with him. He’ll get there.”

Carson said he believed most players were kneeling to protest police brutality, and that players needed to make that message clear (though they have since 2016).

There has been little evidence of Trump softening his message so far, as the President has tweeted that he wouldn’t watch the NFL or the national soccer team if players knelt.

Of course, the real test of Carson’s ability to modify behavior will be when Trump resumes his rallies, as the President always considered defending the flag an easy political win and applause line for him, and those tend to get repeated.

Ben Carson thinks Donald Trump will “get there” on kneeling originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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