Bella Hadid's ginger dip-dye hair is her most daring look yet

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Photo credit: Francois Durand - Getty Images
Photo credit: Francois Durand - Getty Images

I don’t know how Bella Hadid does it. In the space of a couple of weeks, we’ve seen Bella wear – and completely pull off – a micro-fringe. Then, she showed us all what she looks like with a pixie cut, which was inspired by horses nonetheless.

Now, the model is trialling another new look – and it may be her most daring one yet.

Bella posted a picture of herself with a bob and micro-fringe, with the ends of her hair coloured with a ginger dip-dye.

That’s not even all of it. To complete the look, Bella also has super skinny 90s-inspired eyebrows (errr, guys, are these making a comeback? I’ve only just grown mine out after years of overzealous plucking…) and even an eyebrow piercing.

Now, before you rush to the hairdressers, Bella’s new look is most definitely a wig. When you swipe along the rest of the pictures in the post, which were taken on a photoshoot, Bella can be seen wearing a wide range of looks, including a wispy full fringe, prom-ready updo and a thick Myspace-era side fringe.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: even though the looks are more daring, she still looks incredible in each and every one. We love a versatile Queen.

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