Belichick: “One of the greatest things” about coaching is the diversity of people

Josh Alper
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Before Sunday’s game against the Texans, many players on the Patriots took a knee during the playing of the national anthem which led to a question for Patriots coach Bill Belichick about his reaction to how the team handled the issue this weekend.

Belichick responded by saying that he was only going to talk about the game, but would “deal with that later.” On Monday, Belichick released a statement that didn’t mention the anthem, protests or President Trump, but showed support for the way his players conduct and represent themselves.

“I have immense respect and admiration for our players, for how they conduct themselves professionally as New England Patriots and for how they represent themselves, their families and community as men.  I have coached football for over four decades and one of the greatest things about being in this environment is the diversity of people, backgrounds, viewpoints and relationships we are fortunate to experience.  As with any large group of people, there is a variety of perspectives and opinions on many topics.  Discussions occur between myself, individual players, groups and the entire team on an ongoing basis.  They concern the team and other issues surrounding the team.  I am going to keep the specifics of those conversations private.  I will do what I feel is best for the team in my role as head coach and collectively, we will work together to find the best way to proceed.”

If the past is any guide, one of the ways Belichick will proceed is by keeping his public commentary on football matters now that he’s released this statement.

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