Belgian basketball player tries to score on own basket, misses 4 straight layups, wins Internet (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

The Eurobasket website identifies three levels of professional basketball in Belgium: the Ethias League (the nation's top tier), Division II and Division III. The uploader of this YouTube clip tells us that the play in question — the remarkable, ridiculous play in question — occurred during a game in the Belgian fifth division, so just what level of "professionalism" is at work here remains unclear.

What is clear: After rebounding an opponent's missed free throw, this yellow-dipped Belgian player launches an all-out assault on his own basket ... and despite four point-blank tries with nobody even remotely close to him, misses them all. Our friends at the Yahoo! Sports Minute have more on this borderline unbelievable feat:

Five brief, NBA-related thoughts on what we've just witnessed:

1. I think we all knew that one day Ricky Davis' influence would reach Bruges.

2. This guy would really tick Mike D'Antoni off.

3. One can only hope this doesn't create an embarrassing stigma that keeps Belgian-born players like Tony Parker and Xavier Henry from being accepted in the league.

4. At least this dude didn't have to run very far to embarrass himself, unlike Shawn Marion.

5. Looks like the Washington Wizards' international talent development academy is really coming along nicely.

Hat-tip to Bleacher Report.

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