Behold the belly: Pregnant Broncos fan pays homage to rookie center's famous gut

The Denver Broncos may not have known they were getting a celebrity when they drafted a Division III offensive lineman in Round 3 this spring.

But the buzz over Wisconsin-Whitewater center Quinn Meinerz has been overwhelming. Can he play? Well, we'll find out shortly in training camp.

We do know, however, that Meinerz has capitalized on his Senior Bowl fame, when he brandished a glorious gut for all of the football-watching world to behold.

The gut love has now made it to Meinerz's new NFL city.

Many Broncos fans are mimicking Meinerz's "exposed belly" look. But let's be honest: It's going to be hard to top this one, which Meinerz is stamping a perfect grade on.

Well done, Stephanie. You capitalized perfectly on the growing movement and timed it up well with the expected delivery day nearly syncing up with the start of training camp.

Best of luck to you, the baby and Meinerz, whose now-infamous words — "let the belly breathe" — have taken on a whole new meaning.

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