Becky Hammon’s image as a ‘player’s coach’ takes a hit after 2-game suspension

Yahoo Sports WNBA writer Cassandra Negley and Eden Laase of Just Women’s Sports dive into the WNBA’s 2-game suspension of Becky Hammon, stemming from comments the Las Vegas Aces head coach made to then-Aces player Dearica Hamby, who was pregnant at the time.

Video Transcript

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: The WNBA announced that the Aces would lose their 2025 first round draft pick for, quote, "violating league rules regarding impermissible player benefits." They also announced that head coach Becky Hammon would be suspended two games for, quote, "violating league and team respect in the workplace policies." This largely has to do with Dearica Hamby's complaints.

EDEN LAASE: When the allegations came out, Dearica Hamby did her post, she did her interviews where she talked about being mistreated, disrespected, essentially saying she was traded because she was pregnant and that a lot of comments were made to her about that. The biggest takeaway for me is that she never specified who said it. She never called that an individual, but now this shows that it was Becky Hammon, who has been regarded as a player coach, really wanting what's best for players. She's a mom, too. So I think that surprised a lot of people.

CASSANDRA NEGLEY: Yeah, especially after being with them at the finals last year. That was the big talking point. She supports you in anything. She was very supportive, it seemed like, of Dearica having Amaya around. And so to see her name in it, at least seeing that she's being suspended for two games, very serious for a coach that, like you said, was on the highest rung.

EDEN LAASE: The Aces constantly used Amaya in their marketing. And I think that just to do that and then turn around and shame her and trade her for having another kid, it just really rubs me the wrong way.