Beauty in the beast: Joakim Noah's luscious hair

We've heard it all before, you guys. "Joakim Noah is a little weird-looking." "He makes odd 'I'm-trying-so-hard-right-now' faces almost all the time." "In addition to not finding him terribly attractive, I'm not a huge fan of his being kind of a jerk about the city of Cleveland, a wonderful place that is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, not to mention the house from 'A Christmas Story.'"

First of all, the issue of whether or not Noah's facial features are pleasing has already been put to bed via the power of Yahoo! Answers. But those who still insist on floating the old "Dude's ugly" chestnut got a face full of splendor last night, when TNT's cameras captured the Chicago Bulls center undoing his bun and letting his Broadway Joe locks cascade to his shoulders. Look at it. It's majestic. He's like an oil-getting Fabio.

So step lightly, haters, and be aware: Whether in his bell-answering 25-13 or his lustrous curls, last night, Joakim Noah(notes) was prettier than Sho'Nuff.

(Screencap via @TasMelas, who is apparently handy with more than one type of recorder.)

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