Beau Baldwin: On Resiliency, Turkeys on the Stadium Rim, and More

Trace Travers, Publisher
Golden Bear Report

Offense coordinator Beau Baldwin touched on a few different things during his post-practice media availability, including the resiliency he felt from his offense, what needs to be corrected, Ross Bowers, Mike Saffell starting to play more on the line as a true freshman, and how concentrated strength and conditioning coach Torre Becton is on his job.

From around 7:40 in, talking about Coach Becton's concentration

"I remember once being out here at six in the morning, it was like there were turkeys being slaughtered up there. So normally you'd think that's gonna take you out (of it), really that's weird sounding stuff up on the hillside, I swear to you, I'd only been here a month. I mean it was business (with Becton), 'Get your mind on what we're doing down here,' because all the kids, you know naturally (were looking up), I was, I was like 'what is that?' He's locked in, that's one thing, that's a Torre story. I was like, man, this guy could have bombs going off around him, and I feel like he's gonna stay dialed in to what's going on."

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