Beaty says team staying resilient, working through inexperience

Jon Kirby, Publisher- Football Editor
Jayhawk Slant

The Kansas defense is trying to work through youth and inexperience in the defensive secondary. The Jayhawks rank 124th in passing efficiency defense in the country. Head coach David Beaty said a lot of that is attributed to four new starters at the defensive back positions.

“We do have some young guys in that back-end and those guys are learning to play together and mesh together,” he said. “They are working really hard to get that solved and fixed.”

After watching the game film Beaty believes there are things that can be tweaked whether it comes down to the defensive game plan or players being in the right position to make plays.

“As you look at the tape it is never as good as you think it is and never as bad as you think it is,” Beaty said. “There are a lot of times that you are closer than you thought you were. That was true with us defensively. A few technique things here, and a few there. Our coaches are doing a good job of trying to find schemes that fit our guys to the best we can.”

The 1-2 start isn’t where Kansas wanted to be heading into Big 12 play. They started their preparations for West Virginia on Sunday. Despite two disappointing losses in the non-conference Beaty says the team hasn’t shown any signs of giving up.

"When you don’t get the results that you want there is some disappointment there in all areas,” Beaty said. “The thing that is very impressive about our group is the resiliency they have. Their willingness in understanding that each game is one game and you are only going to be as good as your next.”

On Sunday Beaty said the team went through their “Truth Session” where they watch film and see where the breakdowns occurred.

“The impressive thing for me is how they stay together,” Beaty said. “They have each other’s back and they focus on the truth.

“Their mindset is one that is led by our seniors and juniors that have been here for a while. Joe Dineen, Dorance Armstrong, Daniel Wise, Jeremiah Booker and some of those guys simply won’t allow our team to go another direction. That’s something we really feel good about.”

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