Bears rank 2nd among teams likely to end playoff drought

Bryan Perez
NBC Sports Chicago

The Chicago Bears haven't made the playoffs since 2010, which ranks behind only the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the longest stretch without a post-season birth.

According to, the Bears' offseason moves have them poised to end their playoff drought. In fact, they're ranked the second most likely team to end the undesirable streak behind only the Chargers.

The Bears have been the offseason favorite to enjoy a Rams-like turnaround next season. The reasons why are obvious. From the new, offensive-minded head coach to the young ascending quarterback, Chicago has all the ingredients for a playoff run.

A team with a talented roster -- and a highly drafted rookie QB -- underachieves behind an old-school coach. But then, that team hires a sizzling, young, brilliant offensive mind with a playbook for the modern NFL, makes a huge splash in free agency and adds some pieces in the draft to eventually become the toast of the NFL.

Wait, that was last year's Rams, right? Yes. But in 2018, Matt Nagy, Mitchell Trubisky and the Bears have dibs on this surging narrative. Only this time, the sequel will be better than the original. Like "The Dark Knight" and whatnot.

Every team looks better in the offseason. The Bears are no exception. But there's something special brewing under Nagy's watch. Whether it's hopeless optimism or something more, a lot is riding on Chicago having a successful season in 2018.

Ryan Pace knows it. 

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