Bears delete St. Patrick's Day tweet with unintentional anti-Catholic message

·1 min read

The Chicago Bears earned themselves more than a pinch for a St. Patrick's Day tweet gone wrong on Thursday.

The offending tweet came early in the morning. The Bears, like pretty much every major American sports franchise, had a post ready to go for the holiday. Unlike every other major American sports franchise, however, they found a way to unintentionally deliver a pro-Protestant message on the very Catholic holiday.

They did so by taking an image of the Chicago River being dyed its traditional green and replacing it with Bears orange in a gif.

How could that post be seen as inflammatory? Well, that Bears orange could also be seen as Protestant orange — the Irish flag is both green and orange to reflect its Catholic and Protestant population — and no issue is more politically sensitive for the Irish population as the conflict between the island's Catholic majority and Protestant minority. You have probably heard of the Troubles, but whoever created that tweet for the Bears probably didn't have it on his or her mind.

So you can see why the Bears quietly deleted that tweet within an hour of posting it, but not before scores of Twitter users screen-grabbed the evidence.

Meanwhile, their green rival had no such problem.